Conference Evaluation
Question 1 out of 16
*What were the highlights of the conference? Most interesting session? Most beneficial time?
Question 2 out of 16
*What is your primary role at your company?
Question 3 out of 16
*How would you rate the conference site --- Location (Westin Westminster Hotel), Food Selection, Meeting Rooms, Exhibitor Tables, etc...
Question 4 out of 16
*Conference Format -- Conference Hours, Number of Sessions, Pre-Conference Workshops, etc.
Question 5 out of 16
*How would you rate the keynote:
Question 6 out of 16
*Technical Sessions - Content, variety of topics, and target levels
Question 7 out of 16
*What primary track did you attend at the conference?
Question 8 out of 16
*What would you have liked more of at the conference? Less of?
Question 9 out of 16
*Suggestions for new topics - Current topics are: Application Development /APEX/Mobile, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Database Administration, Database Tools of the Trade, Middleware, and Professional Development
Question 10 out of 16
*How long should Training Days last?
Question 11 out of 16
*How satisfied are you with the cost of attendance
Question 12 out of 16
*If you weren't able to attend all three days of the conference, can you share the reason?
Question 13 out of 16
*Do you consider RMOUG Training Days a good value?
Question 14 out of 16
*How many times have you attended RMOUG Training Days?
Question 15 out of 16
*Please record your overall reaction to Training Days 2018 by checking the appropriate box:
Question 16 out of 16
*Are you interested in volunteering for future RMOUG Training Days Conferences? (Please supply name and e-mail address to contact.)